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IndicatAER™ Process Challenge Device



The process challenge device (PCD) for Endoscope Washer Disinfectors (EWD) is an auxiliary device for routine monitoring of automated wash processes for Endoscopes in washer disinfectors.

Additional Information

The PCD should only be used with specific indicator strips in conjunction with an EWD. Indicator Strips are inserted into the PCD which is attached to a surrogate device which is EWD machine specific. The purpose of the system is to simulate a contaminated flexible lumen device according to ISO 15883-5 and HTM 01/06.
  • STARTER KIT includes:
    • 1 x Surrogate Device with 6 PCD Carriers
    • 1 x Pack of 60 Indicator Strips
    • 1 x UV Lamp
    • 1 x RapidAER hookup or ISIS hub

Product Variations

Product Ref AER Pack size
RAPIDPCD - IndicatAER™ Process Challenge Device - Starter Kit RapidAER 1
ISISPCD - IndicatAER™ Process Challenge Device - Starter Kit ISIS 1
OPTOCI60 - IndicatAER™ Process Challenge Device - Indicator Strips x 60 RapidAER or ISIS 1